Cañon Cristales

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Acrílico sobre Plexiglás

60 cm diámetro

Colgado con 2 dilatadores (incluidos)


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Dimensiones60 × 60 cm

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Esta pintura está hecha con capas de pintura acrílica en la parte posterior de plexiglás. Esta pintura es mi interpretación del cambio de color de un color a otro en Cañon Cristales.

Brittany Metka

Brittany Metka

I’ve found reverse painting on Plexiglass to be the perfect form of expression for me. I love the transparency of Plexiglass because it enhances even more the effects made by applying the paint transparently. I like relinquishing control because the more control I have, the more I tend to force things. However, allowing the painting to build itself, gives it its own life. I am simply the tool being used to offer that painting it’s life.

The myriad of unexpected combinations of one layer interacting with the next are very fascinating. As a result, they add to the spontaneity of my work. On the canvas the white background already exists, which provides an aspect of the history of the painting as you work from the back and accumulate the foreground. With Plexiglass, I start with the foreground and build each layer as I get to the back of the painting; as if writing the history of the painting as I go.

Lastly, my indecipherable letter, sometimes the protagonist of abstract paintings, let’s you know that you can read deeper; there is a message here but, you may have to use your heart instead of your head to understand it.

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